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Ohio State Rep. District 85 Nino Vitale

Subject: Rep. Vitale recent post

Did you know that the state of Ohio has collected $2.5 billion more in taxes than it needs?

A report released yesterday by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management shows $2.5 billion in excessive revenue. The excess tax dollars are attributed to “stronger than anticipated tax returns.”

In case you need interpretation, that’s OUR MONEY, the money taken out of our pay checks for taxes.

As gas is now soaring over $4 a gallon, food prices continue to rise and life in general is expensive, one would think government officials would want to RETURN that money to the people they took it from.

But I seem to be the only person in government even bringing up the thought of returning the people’s money to, oh I don’t know,…. THE PEOPLE!

One thing is for sure, when government gets your money, it always finds ways of spending it. It came from YOUR PAYCHECK. I take the stance that it is YOUR MONEY and I trust YOU to do what is best with it. That’s why I use the phrase often…“My favorite politician has become the one who’s on vacation. They cannot steal my money or take my freedom.”

Being prudent with the money the government takes out of our paycheck is part of a free society. We need government, but it should be limited, prudent and when it takes in too much, GIVE IT BACK.

Let me repeat, the State of Ohio has $2.5 BILLION MORE MONEY than it NEEDS. Money taken out of our paychecks.

I SAY RETURN IT. But no one else in the Ohio Republican controlled government seems to agree. I wonder if anyone else will even report on this in the media or any other person in Ohio government will even mention it. Not likely, because they are dreaming up another bill or hundreds of bills, to spend it.

“I want government so small you can barely see it and so efficient you barely have to pay for it.”

– Rep. Vitale


Updated May 10, 2022 at 12:05 pm

Joe Miller talks about State Representative Nino Vitale and the $2.5 Billion addtional taxes collected by the State of Ohio.


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