Nino Vital Pulls Back the Curtain on Ohio Legislators

LFC Comments: Thanks to our patriotic friend, Tom Niewulis, of Geauga County for this article.


The last 5 weeks were glorious. The Ohio State House was not in session. What does that mean for you? It means they were not passing any more laws that take our freedom or spend our money.
BUT, sadly, today, we are back in session, and they are more than making up for lost time by scheduling no less than 16 bills with 110,264 words. 16 bills which will spend and regulate more and more in Ohio. And this was just announced last night at…wait for it…..7:33pm. That is when the official Ohio House schedule of bills was made public.
I don’t know about you but I measure a good public official by someone who generally keeps government small, and limited, and not intruding on my life or my pocket book. But I think I’m in the minority for that type of thinking now.
Most of the government officials I know consider it their job to keep passing more and more laws and bills. I am just the opposite, I consider it my job to reduce legislation, laws, and spending.
So, over the last 5 weeks, did you feel like your life was just BURNING with the desire for more spending and more regulation? I didn’t either, but here we go with 16 plus more bills that were just announced last night and are on the floor for a yes or no vote today at 1pm. There’s even a change to the Ohio Constitution, which I consider a very serious matter.
Below are the bills since it appears no other media news source even bothers to report on what’s going on anymore. I’ve even included the links. As much as I want to vote no on every one of them, I am frantically going over all of them in case there may actually be some good in all this.
Please note, the description that is given below for each bill is NOT written by me and is often not what’s really in the bill.
“I want government so small you can barely see it and so efficient you barely have to pay for it.” – Rep. Vitale 
 “My favorite politician has become the one who’s on vacation. They cannot steal my money or take my freedom.”– Rep. Vitale

H. B. No. 242 – Representatives Young, B., Weinstein To enact section 5.294 of the Revised Code to designate April as “Autism Acceptance Month.”
H. B. No. 333 – Representatives Miranda, White To enact section 3319.091 of the Revised Code to require the Department of Education to make recommendations for a job description for school counselors and to designate at least one staff member as a school counselor liaison.
Sub. H. B. No. 343 – Representative White To amend sections and to repeal section 2930.07 of the Revised Code to make changes relative to the rights of crime victims.
Am. H. B. No. 353 – Representatives Click, Miranda To enact section 3345.024 of the Revised Code to enact “The Testing Your Faith Act” to require each state institution of higher education to adopt a policy providing students with religious accommodations.
Am. H. B. No. 364 – Representative Patton To amend section 4909.172 of the Revised Code to make changes to the application process for the waterworks infrastructure improvement surcharge.
Sub. H. B. No. 372 – Representatives Ray, Roemer To amend sections 3781.19 and 3781.20 and to enact section 3781.21 of the Revised Code to make changes to the law relating to building inspections.
Am. H. B. No. 377 – Representatives Hall, Swearingen To amend Section 220.11 of H.B. 168 of the 134th General Assembly to make an appropriation related to coronavirus local fiscal recovery.
Am. Sub. H. B. No. 422 – Representatives Fraizer, West To amend sections and to enact sections of the Revised Code regarding limitations on recovery and lien imposition by municipalities against property owners of non-owner-occupied properties for unpaid water, sewer, and disposal services rates and charges.
Sub. H. B. No. 542 – Representatives Roemer, Sobecki To amend sections and to enact new sections of the Revised Code to make changes to the law governing the regulation of cosmetologists and barbers.
Sub. H. B. No. 545 – Representatives Abrams, Baldridge To amend section 4735.05 and to enact sections 2317.023 and 4113.42 of the Revised Code to generally allow for privileged testimonial communications between a peer support team member and an individual receiving peer support services or advice from the team member.
Sub. H. B. No. 564 – Representative Koehler To amend section 3501.054 of the Revised Code to permit certain public officials to collaborate with or accept money from a nongovernmental person or entity for using a building to train precinct election officials, to temporarily expand the category of first responders of certain townships who are considered part-time for purposes of health coverage, and to declare an emergency.
Am. H. B. No. 567 – Representatives Stewart, Brown To amend section 2303.12 of the Revised Code to generally require the clerk of the court of common pleas to make available the court’s general docket, including documents on each civil case file, on the clerk of court’s web site.
Sub. H. J. R. No. 2 – Representatives LaRe, Swearingen Proposing to amend Section 9 of Article I of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to eliminate the requirement that the amount and conditions of bail be established pursuant to Section 5(b) of Article IV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio, and instead allow the courts to use factors such as public safety, including the seriousness of the offense, and a person’s criminal record, the likelihood a person will return to court, and any other factor the General Assembly may prescribe.
H. B. No. 607 – Representatives LaRe, Swearingen To amend section 2937.23 of the Revised Code to add public safety as a factor in setting bail.
H. C. R. No. 28 – Representative Stewart To urge the National Collegiate Athletics Association to restore the vacated wins and records from the 2010 football season of the Ohio State University.
Am. S. B. No. 236 – Senators Wilson, Lang To amend sections 1345.81 and 3901.41 of the Revised Code to enable insurers using an online platform to automatically enroll purchasers in digital communications and to modify a requirement regarding the use of salvage motor vehicle parts in repairs.




Tom Niewulis’ Book – “From Covenant to the Present Constitution”


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