Calling out to war drumming hypocrites aka democrats.

I am calling out all democrats regarding Ukraine. You, who have stood on a mountain shouting how terrible the USA war drumming policies were since 2008. (think Obama/Biden “change” campaign)

YOU HYPOCRITES are blindly and boldly supporting and pushing a war with our nuclear power adversary, Russia. This is about as intelligent as setting yourself on fire to protest euthanasia.

And you pretended that you thought Trump was a danger to the world. Pfffft.

You have bragged that you are so intelligent with your alphabet degrees, but clearly those degrees have provided ZERO critical thinking skills. The war mongering party you support in DC says “jump” and you ask “how high?”.

They clearly know you will never push back. You are a blind dangerous cult, with Pelosi as your leader.

Glenn Greenwald is right in this article.

You are the biggest hypocrites on earth right now. I am ashamed for you.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt

May 14, 2022



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