Mark Zuckerberg is using your data for globalist agenda.

By Mary Pruitt / May 28, 2022

Recently, I had a discussion with a family member about Facebook. I had informed that person that I will never return to Facebook since they are the enemy of the USA. This person stated they will continue to use Facebook as long as they get benefits from it. They love to stay in touch with family and friends there. I responded by saying ” And they love you for it.” My family member called me “extreme” and “way out there” for my open derision against Facebook use.

To me, conservatives are supporting the globalist agenda, the World Economic Forum, Critical Race Theory, anti first amendment and election tampering by supporting Facebook.

I have had several people who otherwise are conservative tell me they stay on for family. Even my church is on Facebook which means they promote supporting this organization. They have tried to get me to join.

I do not believe I am extremist to not support a billionaire who steals my private data and sells it so he can continue to push for and create critical race theory education through their foundation:

I am not extremist to not support Facebook’s tampering in elections:

And I am not extremist to not support metaverse aka Facebook partnership with the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF).

Zuckerberg is one of the elitist World Economic Forum’s global leaders and shapers shown here:

The WEF are openly working against the national sovereignty of the USA by trying to implement their ESG stakeholder agenda as explained here:

This is why I believe Facebook’s Zuckerberg is the enemy of the USA. If actively not supporting WEF agenda is extremist, than I am extreme. After all, parents speaking out and opposing Critical Race Theory at school board meetings are now considered domestic terrorists by the National School Board Association. It doesn’t take much to be considered extreme today.

The reasons above are why I believe it is wiser to choose a conservative venue, or at least something not actively working with WEF, to stay in touch with loved ones. There has to be a better way. I believe WEF’s Facebook needs to end like myspace did.

Mary Pruitt


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