Scott Fishel – Riverside School Board Member Speaks Out

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Riverside Taxpayer

At the last School Board meeting, Mr. Scott Fishel read into the record his complaint about the accusations made by the Riverside teacher, Mr. James Field.

Unfortunately, the other three school “bored” members did not come to his aid, or even acknowledge his complaint. Board President, Lori Krenisky, has the solution to all of the school’s problem. Take a look at the video below, and you will see her solution to control Mr. Fishel.

Here is the video we created showing Mr. James Field making the accusations against Mr. Fishel. The overwhelming defeat [76% – 24%] of the 37 year Bond Levy, clearly indicates who the taxpayers believe in this debate.

Here is Board President Lori Krenisky’s solution to fixing all of Riverside’s problems.

Mr. Fishel and Mr. Hach want to proceed with addressing the school building’s repair, replacement and maintenance issues. Ms. Krenisky want to update the Board’s policy manual, undoubtedly, to control Mr. Fishel. Mr. Fishel will move forward with addressing what needs to be repaired and replaced within the school building, and will proceed hoping Mr. Hach will join him.

Mr. Hach still wants to build a consensus with the other 3 board members before they proceed. It appears that the manual will be the top priority for the other Board members.

There is approximately $7 million in the building maintenance fund. We are not sure how much is in the school board manual fund.

Thank you Mr. Fishel for your diligence in defeating the outrageous 37 year Bond Levy. No doubt, you have save some seniors from being priced out of their homes.



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