Critical Race Theory has a new Disguise

Do you have a Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.) officer? 

If so, what problems are they trying to solve? 

What criteria do they have to meet before you determine they have been successful? 

Critical Race Theory has a new disguise:

“Certainly, regardless of which trendy three-letter term you prefer to describe the latest iteration of America’s obsession with race, the goal in each case is the same: to shift away from meritocracy in favor of an equality of outcome system.”

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (D.I.E.) sounds nice but unfortunately these words have an agenda that will likely alarm parents. D.I.E. officers work through an “equity lens,” meaning their actions are guided by focusing on race, oppression and (white) privilege. D.I.E. officers are hired by schools to initiate change through “new social norms” and by “dismantling inequitable systems”. 

If this sounds like Critical Race Theory, that’s because IT IS CRITICAL RACE THEORY in practice. Diversity, Inclusion, Equity is just the feel-good package to distract parents from the agenda. You are the first line of defense for your child. Use these questions to find out if a D.I.E. officer is in your school district.

Be on the lookout for more useful information and the upcoming release of our first-of-its-kind education platform. 

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