Lake County Commissioners’ Meeting June 9, 2022…my opinions

Posted June 9, 2022

By Brian Massie, average citizen

I spoke at the Commissioners’ meeting today on a variety of topics:

  1. Senior Services Levy [1:40 mark]
  2. Publicly thanking Auditor Chris Galloway for supporting changes in the ballot language dealing with property taxes. [28:28 mark]
  3. Ohio Ethics Commission ruling on eligibility of Mr. Dale Fellows to be appointed to the open Commissioner’s seat. [30:00 mark]
  4. Duplication of services by Auburn Career Center, Lakeland Community College, Mentor Public Schools and Willoughby-Eastlake Public Schools [30:42]
  5. Lake County Judge Eugene Lucci being admonished by the Ohio Supreme Court for losing his tempered and not following the law. [32:44]

Mr. Dale Fellows as Commissioner:

I did send emails to the Commissioners about Mr. Fellows replacing Mr. Young as Commissioner. Mr. Hamercheck again insisted that the Commissioners have no role in the replacement, and it is up to the Lake County Republican Party Central Committee to appointment someone.

Mr. Plecnik continues to refuse to respond to me on any issue.

Assistant Prosecutor Mr. Dave Hackman stated that they received a ruling from the Ethics Commission, but the Prosecutor and Mr. Fellows went back to the Ethics Commission for a “clarification”. I infer that they received a negative response, and they would like the Ethics Commission to rethink their position.

My crystal ball says that Mr. Fellows will not be Commissioner and an existing Board Member from some Lake County Board, and in good standing with the Republican Party, will be appointed next week – just under the 45 day mandated deadline.


Judge Lucci and the Ohio Supreme Court:

I stated that Judge Lucci was “admonished” by the Ohio Supreme Court. Mr. Hackman took issue with the word admonished.

Here is the definition of “admonished”.

to warn or reprimand someone firmly”

The Ohio Supreme Court did not “slap his hand” or “make a strong suggestion”, or give him a “noogie” and say “Eugene, you wild and crazy guy”.

They said he lost his temper when the defendant yelled some vulgar statements at the judge after receiving a 22 year sentence. Instead of the proper 30 day jail sentence for “contempt of court”, Lucci added six more years to his sentence. Seems a bit vindictive to me.

Hackman was correct when he said the the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld Lucci’s sentencing of defendant Bryant, and the Ohio Supreme Court reversed their decision by a vote of 4-3. I was told by another source that Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Conner voted with the Democrats again.

This is where this average citizen gets more than a little confused with judges and their party affiliation. When they are campaigning they cannot talk about any issue because they may have to rule on that issue as a judge. Then they are not on the ballot with a (D) or (R) next to their name because they are supposed to be considered non-partisan and represent everyone. However, rule against an elected Republican then they are considered a “turncoat”.

The Prosecutor’s office, defending their team member (Lucci), submitted a “reconsider” appeal to the Supreme Court because the Court did not look at the video of the incident, Hackman stated that he would send me the video.

I find it interesting there is no consideration of compromising the security of the courtroom for this video, but it was a huge concern when the five judges were admonishing our 5′ tall Clerk of Courts with 1% Lucci condemning her in front of his compatriots without her benefit of any counsel. Only the audio of that meeting was made available. She was shamefully treated like a common criminal rather than an elected official!

Here is a lesson for all average citizens that incorrectly thought that when the Supreme Court made their final decision on a subject it was final. As a wise man once said: “It ain’t over ’till its over” when the Prosecutor choses to get involved.

Commissioner Hamercheck opined that he was worried about my statement saying that LFC will let the Court of Public Opinion decide what is fair and honorable in this matter. My comment to Commissioner Hamercheck is – “Where is the average citizen going to go to get a redress of their grievances against the government as stated in the Bill of Rights?”

If the answer is to take it to our State officials, then we can tell you that we have taken our complaints to State and federal authorities about the shenanigans of local politicians, and we are reminded that Ohio is a “home rule” state and the State officials will not get involved in local affairs.

If the answer is: “We can take it to our court system.” I say: “The average citizen has no chance in our legal system”. Legal costs are prohibitive for the average citizen, and going the pro se route is virtually impossible. Justice is but a fleeting Utopian ideal, and there is definitely a two tier justice system at the federal, state and local level.

I am coming to the realization that the whole system is corrupt, and the average citizen is being abused. Try to make changes against the establishment of either party, and you will be squashed like a bug.

Why, they may even “drop a dime” on you with the F.B.I.!


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