How did I become a “Mugwump”?

By Brian Massie, former Republican, now a Mugwump

I received the following words of wisdom from a Christian brother in an email sent to me,

“There are many “shakers and movers” in the Bible.  All had GOD’s blessings and they were successful.  Where are they today?  I am involved in many big issues.  Where are you in your walk doing GOD’s work?  

Abortion, queer life, sex changes, lies from the communist left, and on and on…. The Bible, our road map, is very conservative and educates us for battle with the Democrats, the left, and weak Christians (and we all know many, and hopefully you are not one).  Church also must address societal, cultural and political issues along with weak and bad Biblical doctrine.

We are at war and losing this country fast.  Blame is everywhere, BUT much blame can be found inside the Church due to the lack of addressing and attacking issues that undermine real Christianity.”

He included the following article:

Excerpts from the article:

Well, the educational “experts” even today are still indoctrinating your children if they are in public school. How is that working out for you? Judging by the jump in numbers of people who are now homeschooling, it aint’ working out real well.

Al Benson, Jr.

We could not, in good conscience, subject our children to a public school system that was covertly, if not overtly at that time, anti-Christian. In this day we have long since reached the point where public schools are overtly anti-Christian–and that bias on their part is becoming more and more apparent to more people–and still, most Christians are sitting it out!

Al Benson Jr.

When it comes to educating their children, they are “mental mugwumps.”

Al Benson Jr.

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, former Republican, now a Mugwump

I agree that our public education has become a national nightmare, and LFC is trying to expose what is happening in our local Lake County, Ohio public schools.

I have to admit that I have also heard some outlandish statements from friends professing to be Christians that makes me wonder what Bible they are reading. Then I realize that they are Catholic and probably have not read the Bible. So they are just listening to someone that tells them what to believe without being able to discern the truth. They have not read the revealed Word of God for themselves.

However, it was the term “mugwumps” that had me perplexed. I will have to file this one under the “the older I get, the less I know” category. The term “mugwumps” was new to me, so, naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to find out what it means.

Mugwump – “a person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics”

The Mugwumps were Republican political activists in the United States who were intensely opposed to political corruption. They were never formally organized. Typically they switched parties from the Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the presidential election of 1884.”

So my recent decision to become an independent voter this year, much to the chagrin of my patriotic friends, has officially made me a Mugwump! I had no idea of the ramifications of that decision.

Why did I become a Mugwump?

The answer is quite simple:

  1. The Lake County Republican Party no longer follows their bylaws and their Party Platform.
  2. There are many, many Democrats posing as Republicans so that they can get elected in a Republican County.
  3. There are far too many Republicans supporting the Democrats, inside and outside the Party, causing me to believe that it is really just one party in Lake County. [UniParty]
  4. I abhor the lies, deceptions and betrayals that I have seen and experienced in the Lake County Republican Party. As a friend told me….that’s just politics.

Well, this mugwump can now give a platform to anyone, be they Republican, Democrat, or fellow Mugwump. No one can accuse me or our online newspaper of being a “partisan hack” for the Republican Party. I would much rather educate the citizens of Lake County with the truth of what is happening in their community.

That is all for now,

Signed Mugwump



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