Michelle Fisher Runs for Ashtabula Judge

Judge Michelle Fisher files to run for a new term as Ashtabula County Western Court Judge

Cites judicial experience and results in modernizing court proceedings

(Orwell, OH) – Today, Judge Michelle Fisher filed her Nominating Petition and Statement of Candidacy with the maximum number of signatures at the Ashtabula County Board of Elections.  Judge Fisher seeks election this November for a new term as Ashtabula County Western Court Judge.

Since her appointment in March of 2021, Judge Fisher has prioritized keeping our communities safe, promoting community resources, and saving taxpayer dollars through improving technology and modernizing the court’s procedures. Her work to improve the Court’s technology was featured in an April 2022 article by the Gazette Newspapers.

“In Western County Court, we have some big technology projects going on, hoping to save the county and the city some money and make it more accessible for everyone,” said Judge Fisher.

The Committee to Elect Judge Fisher is thankful for the overwhelming bipartisan support we have seen for Judge Fisher.  As the August 2022 filing deadline approaches, we are grateful for the substantial financial support and significant grassroots infrastructure our volunteers have helped develop this year.

About Judge Michelle Fisher:

Judge Michelle Fisher was appointed to serve on the Ashtabula County Court, Western Division by the Governor of Ohio on March 1, 2021. Before her appointment, she served as a magistrate in the Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court. In this position, she gained judicial experience by hearing and deciding matters ranging from complex civil trials to criminal arraignments.  Prior to her appointment as a magistrate, Judge Fisher ran her own very successful law firm in Jefferson, Ohio.  Judge Fisher brings to the bench years of judicial experience and business skills.  

You can find Judge Fisher’s full bio here.

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