Dave Joyce is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican…consummate RINO


Statement by Linda Harvey, Mission America and John Stover, Ohio Value Voters, on passage of HR 8404 “Respect for Marriage” Act

July 21, 2022

Linda Harvey statement: “Ohio families should be outraged that four Republicans in the Ohio congressional delegation—Mike Carey, Dave Joyce, Mike Turner and Anthony Gonzalez– joined four Democrats in exploiting marriage for political purposes. H.R. 8404 is a shoddy attempt to both redefine ‘sex’ and make marriage a civil right extended to same sex couples. This is a declaration of war on children in America, and Republicans have just opened the door to further child corruption by this phony attempt to normalize and mainstream deviant behavior.

“Marriage has been defined by the majority of states as the union of one man and one woman, and our Supreme Court declared interracial marriage the logical confirmation of this time-honored definition, revealed in biology, confirmed through history and exalted in faith. But race and homosexuality are not related. The Fourteenth Amendment was appropriately applied in Loving v. Virginia. That application is not extendable to same sex couples, because no one is born homosexual.

“In HR 8404, the left in America once again tries to steal a ride in the vehicle of racial civil rights. True believers in racial equality should reject this phony, exploitative strategy.

“Homosexual couples embrace an ancient sin often involving high risk practices. These couples are never blessed with their own children, just one of the many limitations of such relationships. But homosexuals in America are often quite willing to corrupt other people’s children and in fact, the aggressive, intolerant ‘LGBTQ’ movement is the primary driver presenting anti-family attitudes, unnatural identities, XXX-rated material and sexual confusion to children in schools and throughout our culture.

“To honor such behavior is atrocious, but when Republican lawmakers vote to give ‘respect’ to adult homosexual relationships, they have negated all the hard work other Republicans in America have been doing to overcome the damage done by homosexual/transgender activism in our schools.

“To the extent that Donald Trump and his supporters are creating open alliances with homosexual activists (Log Cabin Republicans and others), that is where our support will end. We care about children and we reject those who want to mess with their hearts, minds and bodies, and we will back no candidate who supports homosexual behavior or those proudly practicing it, because that candidate has indicated he/she is not interested in protecting children.”

John Stover statement: “The Republican Party Platform strongly defends traditional marriage and states: ‘Traditional marriage and family, based on marriage between one man and one woman, is the foundation for a free society and has for millennia been entrusted with rearing children and instilling cultural values.’  We urge the Ohio Republican congressional delegation to either embrace the Republican Platform or change their party to Democrat in the next election.”

Please call Ohio GOP Congressional Representatives:

Dave Joyce, Ohio 14th



Mike Turner, Ohio 10th


Mike Carey, Ohio 15th



This is Dave Joyce, Congressman for Lake County.

He is not a conservative, and should move to the Democrat Party where he will be finally able to show his true colors. He voted against traditional marriage.

When we destroy the family, babies and morality the society will collapse. Shame on you Congressman Joyce. You are a disgrace!

We will accept your resignation…but we know the power of that office is very intoxicating.

The Republican platform at the State level and even in Lake County are merely words on a piece of paper. No one pays attention to the platform. It is all a deception!

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens



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