Riverside School Board Meets on S.E.L. and H.B.99

July 29, 2022

LFC Comments by Brian Massie

I attended the Riverside School Board Meeting on July 28, 2022 to listen to discussions on the Social, Emotional Learning and H.B. 99, dealing with the law that permits teachers to carry firearms in school.

It is quite obvious that the three female liberal members are “ruling the roost” and will continue to lead Riverside in a liberal, leftist agenda. There does not appear to be any compromise possible on any issues. The only hope of saving the Riverside School District is voting out Lori Krenisky at the next election of school board members, and ensure that Tom Hach continues as a school board member.

Hach continues to try to build a consensus on issues with the three liberal members, but, in my opinion, they are not listening to him, and will press forward with the Marxist agenda being pushed in other public schools.

It appears that Scott Fishel is being totally ignored by the three female, liberal board members. Mr. Fishel made a valid argument when he said that the school district should concentrate on academics and leave the social, emotional learning to the parents. The average proficiency score of 75% tells us that Mr. Fishel is correct and they should refocus on academics.

The board decided, without a formal vote, that they will continue with S.E.L. and will continue to discuss how they will implement H.B. 99 at Riverside.



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