25 Lies…book by Vince Ellison

LFC Comments by Brian Massie

Thanks to my patriotic friend Lou from Kirtland, Ohio for sending me a copy of 25 Lies written by Vince Ellison.

As the book cover states, it exposes the most dangerous, seductive, damnable, destructive lies by the Democrat Party and how to refute them.

Mr. Ellison’s Christian faith comes through loud and clear in his writing.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“It is clear, the Democrat Party leadership care nothing for the these children of GOD. They only want to exploit LGBTQ pain for the DNC gain”…page 76

“The death spiral started one year after Democrats o the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage against the will of the American people”…page 77

“American women are now projected to have about 1.71 children over their lifetimes, and below the rate of 2.1 needed to exactly replace a generation.”…page 77

“White Privilege is a lie.”…page 153

‘The implementation of Critical Race Theory in public education is a veiled attempt by Democrats to teach White people to hate themselves, the same way they’ve taught most Black Democrats to hate themselves.”…page 153

We found the following YouTube video on-line.

We would recommend this book to all open-minded Americans, regardless of political party, or religion. Mr. Ellison exposes all the lies, deceptions and betrayals of the Democrat Party.





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