We were honored to be invited by Lake County’s Jeff Monreal to the Travis Mills Foundation fundraiser. We had published an article about this very remarkable young man that was severely wounded by an I.E.D. while serving on his third deployment in Afghanistan.

We took a video to commemorate the event.

U.S. Army SSG Travis Mills is honored at a fundraiser [Travis Mills Foundation] at Manakiki Golf Course organized by Mr. Jeff Monreal of Lake County.

We are currently reading Travis’ book, a New York Times bestseller, entitled “TOUGH AS THEY COME”.

We applaud Mr. Jeff Monreal for organizing this event and supporting our wounded veterans!!

A “tip of the hat” to Willowick Mayor Rich Regovich, and Wickliffe Mayor Joe Sakacs for attending the event and supporting our wounded veterans; and to all the law enforcement, motorcyclists, and flag-waving patriots that helped make this event very memorable.





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