How Corrupt is Our Judicial System?

I promised Dr. Simone Gold I would write you. Because of her entry to a Federal Detention Center for misdemeanor trespass, frankly, I’m concerned for her safety.

The Miami Federal Detention Center is a very political Federal Detention Center, where, according to Zoukis Consulting Group, the level of violence is high. According to one inmate, “there is an altercation every day and the use of weapons (e.g., knives, locks, etc.) is not uncommon.” The report did not distinguish between the men’s and women’s sides of the prison.

As if this were not enough, the use of criminal informants is everywhere in the U.S. justice system, although almost invisible to the public. From street corners to jails to courthouses to prisons, every year the government negotiates thousands of deals with criminal offenders in which suspects can avoid arrest or punishment in exchange for information.

Government informants inside prison pretend to be regular inmates, recording others or submitting affidavits about what others say, for pay and/or lighter sentences.

Not to mention that FDC Miami maintains the highest (Level 3) COVID restrictions. That means no visitation, mandatory face masks, “social distancing”, and a 10-day quarantine when entering without vaccination.

Besides which, Federal Prisons have switched to scanning mail rather than providing physical copies to inmates “to reduce costs,” in what The Intercept called a “surveillance nightmare.

What’s it Like to Live in a Women’s Federal Prison Camp?

Dr. Simone Gold needs the spotlight of public scrutiny to shine brightly during the entire eight weeks of her incarceration – but in truth, this isn’t just about her, personally.

For if one of the country’s finest – a physician and lawyer who has saved countless lives – can be rendered a Prisoner of Conscience by a thoroughly corrupt judicial system, where does that leave the rest of us?

A nation can lose its liberty in a single day, yet not miss it for years. Dr. Simone Gold does not belong in prison. She is not a criminal. But she is being made an example of in a war against everything the United States of America has been.

She is a target, because she is effective. We cannot let her down.

While she is in prison, we must intensify our efforts to disseminate truth. We have to make sure the government and prison authorities know the public is very interested in her safety and welfare, and for the sake of the country we are obligated to turn this unjust incarceration into a victory for freedom.

America’s Frontline Doctors was founded by Dr. Simone Gold and is imbued with her spirit of courage, truth, and sense of mission. Her activism has inspired a generation, and America’s Frontline Doctors, with its medical, legal, informational, and citizen activism will continue fighting for you.

But we need your help.

We have to expand operations now, to reach more people, to overcome the censorship and shadow banning, to double our Citizen’s Corps, and to reach expanding worldwide audiences. We must maintain public pressure to keep Dr. Gold safe, and to do that, we need your generous donation.

Can you send $100, $500, or even $1,000 today? Or if you can’t afford that, maybe $50, $25, or $15. 

Whatever you can send is vitally needed now.

In fact, it could make the difference between a safe, uneventful incarceration, and a different outcome we’d rather not dwell on.

There was never a more important time to help America’s Frontline Doctors. We’re in this fight for your children and children’s children. Please give us the tools to keep up our battle for the truth, for otherwise, tyranny will exalt, while justice will be silenced. We cannot let it happen.

With love of liberty,
Mordechai Sones
News Director
America’s Frontline News

P.S. We must keep up public scrutiny to keep Dr. Gold safe, but to do that, we need your generous donation. Please send your generous donation to America’s Frontline Doctors today.




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