A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

By: Lake County Anonymous

I have a theory that maybe you would be interested in listening to.

It has bothered me greatly that so many people so easily allowed the tyranny of the shutdowns, the vaccines, the masking, to take place.  I wrote letters to librarians urging them to think more diversely, I spoke with teachers begging them to see how freedoms are being lost, businessmen, engineers, store owners, etc. all would not listen to anything against the shutdowns.

I previously thought that they were weak-minded individuals that easily fall prey to “experts” and “public-opinion.”  I thought them cowards and of no virtue, which some may have been.

But now I think, maybe, they just hate their life; and I do not.  I love my life, before and after the shutdowns.  I graciously accepted everyday as a gift.  And what a gift I had!  I have a strong family, children, and husband that I love, strong faith, a life that is worth dying for.  This is a life that is worth defending. 

Did others have a life worth dying for?  Have their lives been so miserable in the “system” that they were caught up in – whether it is pushing the time clock, indoctrinating kids, pushing pills- that they don’t realize they hate their life?  
I fought like hell to keep normalcy in life as much as possible, because I knew my “normal” was worth it.

I tried reaching out to others, thinking they also loved their jobs, and their lives.  I thought the librarian loved being a librarian – loved books – loved learning – loved knowledge — but now I think either they don’t, or that spark was extinguished a long time ago when the job was not what it should have been.  Same with teachers, doctors, nurses, businessmen.

At some point the teacher stopped caring about their passions, passing down wisdom and knowledge and became indifferent- due to the system.  The healthcare workers found out, even unconsciously, that they could not heal patients as they saw fit, but instead were caught up in soul crushing bureaucracy.  The businessmen and store owners succumbed to the massive red tape laws and were broken down over the years to accept yet another government rule.

I fought like hell for my life.  Why didn’t they? Is it because they didn’t have a life worth fighting for?  Libraries, schools, markets, businesses were steamrolled.  Would this have happened if massive government involvement and bureaucracy hadn’t crushed the souls of these places a long time ago?

The bureaucratic state is crushing the soul of individual expression, creativity, knowledge, wisdom.  When the librarians, school teachers, businessmen, hospitals, allowed the state to take control, were they in essence saying these institutions are not worth fighting for? Not worth defending?

These institutions were once considered prestigious, yet they are the reason for the apathy and indifference in society.  They are not prestigious.  They should continue on their path to self-destruction, so that the tiny individual can awaken the great spirit of ingenuity and freedom of American citizens again.  For their own good, for their own joy, the citizens of America need to take off the yoke of the institution / government and replace it with individualism.  The freedom to pursue happiness. 
The freedom to have a life worth dying for. 

We must lead the way to show these misled victims of oppression, the path to joy.  Joy they never thought possible. We must show them what this looks like.

Having the ability to pursue happiness by creating a life unburdened by other powerful authorities is paramount to a free society.

The soul of freedom comes from the individual’s fight for their life, and their fight to pursue happiness. That life must be worth dying for, worth defending, at all costs.




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