Disappointed, Disillusioned, Deceived

By Brian Massie, Average Citizen

I attended the Lake County Budget Commission, and the Lake County Commissioners’ meetings last week. I have never felt more disappointed, disillusioned or deceived by public officials. [Yes, even more that my “dustup” with Commissioner Plecnik over the Visitors Bureau.]

However, I keep reminding myself about what former Commissioner Ron Young said, in his farewell speech, about his experience of 20+ years collecting a government paycheck.

Mr. Young’s statements harkens me back to the reality that if the citizens benefit from government’s involvement then it is a bonus. Many government officials believe that if they provide roads, fire and police then their job is done. The protection of the citizens property and savings from ever-increasing property taxes is of little concern to them.


“The right to petition grants people not only the freedom to stand up and speak out against injustices they feel are occurring, but also grants the power to help change those injustices. The nonprofit community plays an active role by providing an organized medium to join citizens together in support of causes or in petition of practices that violate their cause.”

Brian Massie addresses the Commissioners about the Role of the Budget Commission.


I sent the following email to the Prosecutor’s Office today. Prosecutor Coulson does not permit his personal government email to be used, so we must send all emails to their general email address.

Lake County Prosecutor’s Office,

Unfortunately, I have become increasingly disillusioned by the Lake County Prosecutor’s office.  I have reached the point where I no longer have faith that the Prosecutor’s decisions are in the best interests of the Lake County citizens.

It is abundantly clear to me that the Prosecutor’s influence and decisions on the Budget Commission has completely eliminated the “checks and balances” that our constitutional republic requires in order to protect the citizens from governmental overreach. 

I am, hereby, requesting a meeting with Prosecutor Coulson to address my grievances with the Prosecutor.

Thank you,

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens






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