Lakeland Community College Reveals Their Cornerstone of Teaching…D.I.E.

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Lakeland’s actual property tax revenue for fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 was $20,809,271. So what are the citizens getting for their money?

I attended the Lakeland Community College Board of Trustees meeting last night.

There was quite a bit of discussion regarding reviewing the words Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as it applies to Lakeland Community College.

This video clearly shows what, at least what the teachers believe, is the cornerstone to Lakeland College teaching philosophy.

Here is a previous article that we wrote about Lakeland and property taxes.

At last night’s meeting the Board passed a resolution accepting the 3.2 mills for operating expenses and .40 mills for debt. This resolution is not requesting either a renewal or new property tax levy. Per Auditor Galloway, who is also in charge of the Budget Commission, it is merely a formality covering the three existing property tax levies that the College is collecting.

As a side note, we are not impressed with the current role of the Budget Commission as outlined by Prosecutor Coulson. The Budget Commission is merely a “rubber stamp commission” that has no role in looking out for the financial interests of the Lake County taxpayers.


So how is Lakeland doing with enrollment and the number of credit hours taught?

Drop in headcount
Credit Hours


There was a special Board of Trustees meeting held on August 29, 2022 to discuss the renewal of the employment contract of Dr. Morris W. Beverage, Jr., President of the College.

Here is a notice that was sent out to the Lakeland employees informing them that the Board of Trustees did not pass the resolution.

The following Trustees voted “Yes” to accept the new employment contract for Dr. Beverage:

Frager / Malec / Ellis / Rispoli

Dr. Malec originally voted “No”, but Mr. Frager reminded her what a “No” vote meant and she changed her vote to “Yes”. It makes one wonder how Mr. Frager knew that Dr. Malec made a mistake with her original vote. Curious minds would like to know.

The following Trustees voted “No” to not accept the new employment contract for Dr. Beverage:

Hebebrand / Kessler / Majka / Vitaz

Stay tuned, we will update this article as more public records requests are received.




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