Heritage Club Christian Rally Held September 3, 2022

By Brian Massie, average citizen

We were pleased to be part of Hal Werner’s Heritage Club’s Christian Rally at the Veterans Park in Painesville on September 4, 2022.

The following videos were taken by LFC and produced for the Heritage Club.

This video introduces all of the speakers at the Judeo Christian Rally on September 3, 2022.
Lake County Treasurer Mike Zuren speaks at the rally.
Street Preacher Pastor Evans of Mentor shares his experiences at the rally.
Barbara Carpenter gives a heartfelt speech on the abortion issue.
Abraham Lincoln (a.k.a. John King) imparts his wisdom to the attendees.
Pastor Ernie Sanders of the What’s Right, What’s Left Ministry speaks to the people. This video was banned by YouTube for violating their “Community Standards” of medical misinformation.

YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).“…[message received from YouTube]

Tom Hach, Director of Ohio Freedom Action Network, speaks to citizens at the Judeo-Christian Rally about the new left-right paradigm.
Leonard Gilbert of Mentor, Ohio speaks at the Judeo-Christian Rally.
Bishop Gerard Merble
Hal Werner speaks to the crowd….
Zach Wray signs a hymn (Joy in the House of the Lord) for the attendees.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this a very successful rally. See you all next year.




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