YouTube Censorship of LFC…update 9/6/22…See the video that was banned worldwide

LFC Comments: While posting a video of Pastor Ernie Sanders to YouTube, it was removed from our channel because Pastor Sanders said that the Covid-19 shot was not a vaccine!

Here is the message I received. So we will not be able to publish anymore YouTube videos for one week. We will be exploring other options to get our message out to our readers.

Hi Brian Massie,
Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:
Video: Pastor Ernie Sanders at Christian Rallly 9322
How your content violated the policy
YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).

Updated September 6, 2022..We are now using to publish our videos.

Here is the video that was banned worldwide by YouTube.

Pastor Ernie Sanders of the What’s Right, What’s Left Ministry speaks at the Judeo-Christian Rally held at Veterans Park in Painesville Ohio on September 6, 2022.






Onward Christian Soldiers

We will never give up, we will never give in

Christians are coming out of the shadows.

We know who wins in the end!


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