Mattel’s Barbie Used for Grooming Children

From: Luis Losada and the entire CitizenGO team

As you probably remember, Mattel released a transgender Barbie. Supposedly, a tribute to Laverne Cox, a transgender actress who turned 50 on May 29.

Was it a tribute or just another attempt to stir up controversy and get free publicity?

The company’s Executive Vice President and Global Head of Barbie, Lisa McKnight, proudly announced the decision, while stressing the importance of diversity and inclusion…

Barbie is sold as a role model for girls. And I wonder if girls who play with dolls have to receive messages that neither interest them nor are they old enough to understand them. Do we really want to teach our girls to despise their own bodies and grow up thinking they can ‘change’ their biology whenever and however they want?

Watch this video about the scandalous transgender Barbie launch and help us stop Mattel by sharing the video with your family and friends.

Mattel is joining the supposedly “progressive” wave, creating something that girls don’t need, don’t want, and aren’t good for. We know that this strategy is destined to fail.

They are willing to risk the integrity and innocence of the girls. We do not.




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