Judge Lucci and his Lake County posse

Transparency is the key to good governance.

By Brian Massie, Lake County citizen journalist

The Lake County Republican Party sent out the following notice for a Judge Eugene Lucci fundraiser. The Judge is currently a Lake County Common Pleas judge, and along with Judge O’Donnell rules the roost at the courthouse and Clerk of Courts office. They have created an impossible to manage, untenable situation in the Clerk’s office. They broke it, and the taxpayers demand that they fix it! Allow Clerk Faith Andrews to purge the office of the malcontents.

Judge Eugene A. Lucci –

Current Term: 01/06/19-01/05/25; Common Pleas Judge since 2001

He presided over a pro se lawsuit filed by Brian Massie, Executive Director of Lobbyists for Citizens.

Massie sued the Lake County Visitors Bureau and Commissioner Jerry Cirino (now a State Senator) and Commissioner John Hamercheck when Cirino showed Massie his lack of concern for transparency and for average citizens by kicking Massie out of a meeting between the two public bodies.

I now find it rather curious that Judge Lucci did not recuse himself from the case because he is personal friends and worked with Cirino and Hamercheck in Lake County administrative affairs.

I later found out the the Lake County Prosecutor’s office ruled that the $1 million that the Visitors Bureau receives annually from the Hotel Bed Tax are “CONTRIBUTIONS” from the taxpayers. This allows the Visitors Bureau to meet the IRS guidelines for their 501 (C ) (6) status.


This is Matt Lynch, a Judge on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

When I lost my case because of the ruling by Judge Lucci, I appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Matt Lynch recused himself from the case because he is a personal friend of mine. The saying at the Lake County Administration building at the time was: “If Lynch recuses, Massie loses”. I should have made that a bumper sticker.

I just want the Lake County taxpayers to know how the Lake County Court system works against the average citizen in all affairs. (Just ask Luciana)

You have no chance in beating the establishment when they control all the branches of government!

Remember, we have a “uniparty” in Lake County, just as we have at the Federal level. No one is looking out for the average citizen.

I hope the F.B.I. reads this article.


Let’s hear again from former Commissioner Ron Young. This is a classic 56 second video.

Listen to what former State Representative and Lake County Commissioner Ron Young has learned as a 20+ year elected about government and politicians.

Note that there is not one word about doing what is right for the citizens that they represent!

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