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LFC Comments by Brian Massie, citizen journalist
October 13, 2022

We will have to ask if Lake County schools use American School Counselor Association. Stay tuned…


The Most Racist School Counselor

You will not believe this radical school counselor influences elementary school children! 

“Behind Closed Doors” is our ongoing campaign to expose woke activists from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). We use their own words, resources, and videos to show parents that ASCA’s mission is to instill Critical Race Theory and Transgender ideology. They are the ones driving school culture to separate children from their parents when making gender and sex decisions.

Behind Closed Doors Part III features the most racist radical school counselor we have come across yet, Jennifer Susko. She is an elementary school counselor out of Georgia. Unfortunately, she is a model for what school counselors in K-12 are trained to believe and behave.

Use the form on page 10 to protect your child from school counselors and social workers in your school. Parents have largely ignored this group of activists because they still think that school counselors are the same “guidance counselors” from back in the day; that is no longer true.  

Download “Behind Closed Doors Part I” and “Behind Closed Doors Part II” plus our supplement “What is RAMP?”, if you haven’t caught up on our campaign!

PARENTAL RIGHTS­­If you don’t know the rights that you and your child have, it is easy for schools to lie to you. Download this Parent Consent Letter that contains an explanation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Act and a consent letter that you should submit to your child’s school immediately.­­
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