Norway Restricts Russian Fishing Vessels

LFC Comments: We received the following correspondence by email from an European source.


Comment: The Norwegian authorities have decided to restrict the passage of Russian fishing vessels to their ports. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Such a measure will greatly complicate the life of the industry, because now ships will be left with access to only three ports, and before entering the ports they will be subject to inspection. “Russian fishing vessels should only have access to the ports of Tromso, Kirkenes and Botsfjord,” the ministry said.

Judging by the estimates of the Eastern Center for State Planning (FANU Vostokgosplan), over the past five years, the cost of one kilogram of fish in Russia has increased by an average of 32 percent.

According to the head of the Information Agency for Fisheries, Alexander Savelyev, the reasons for the increase in cost were the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the aggravated geopolitical crisis. “Fishing companies sell goods on the domestic market, focusing on export prices, and their logistics and storage costs are increasing. This means that the additional costs of selling products on the domestic market are compensated in the cost of products and are paid by end consumers,” he said.


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