Press Release for Commissioner John Plecnik

John Plecnik – Republican Candidate for Lake County Commissioner

Commissioner John Plecnik earns ‘A’ in Federalism & Intergovernmental Relations

PAINESVILLE, Ohio – On October 18th, retired State Representative and Commissioner Ron Young congratulated his colleague Commissioner John Plecnik for completing a doctoral-level course on federal, state and local government relationships for public administrators at Liberty University. Commissioner Plecnik took PLCY 804: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations at his own expense in an online format this fall and earned the highest possible grade of ‘A’. According to the syllabus, “The interplay between and among American state governments and the federal government will be examined at the macro and micro (intergovernmental relations) levels. Students will be challenged to examine the complexities of the modern American political system in light of competing models of federalism.”

“In Ohio, it is the job of your County Commissioner to balance the budget and bring local, state and federal leaders together to provide critical services to our residents. It is so important for me and every Commissioner to have a solid grounding in federalism in order to understand the complex and interdependent relationships between all levels of government. We apply for federal grants for our Sheriff’s office. We work with the state and federal government to fight illegal narcotics and human trafficking. We bring together cities, villages and townships for shared training and resources. Lake County deserves the very best from its Commissioners, and I am grateful to my classmates and professors at Liberty University for helping me to learn more and be the best possible public servant for my neighbors,” said Commissioner John Plecnik.

“Having worked hand in hand with John Plecnik as fellow Commissioners, I can say without reservation that John is an extraordinary leader. Internationally recognized for his work, John has been cited as authority by the Congressional Research Service and the Supreme Court of the United States. The Plain Press has called John an “expert on tax abatement policy” and Fox 8 News has called him a “public policy expert”. John is a graduate of the prestigious Ohio Public Leadership Academy at The Ohio State University. Even so, John never stops learning and growing. This latest achievement exemplifies John’s commitment to excellence. I salute John for earning an ‘A’ in federalism. Lake County is so blessed to have a good man and a brilliant mind like John working hard for us every day as our Commissioner,” said fmr. State Representative and Commissioner Ron Young.


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