Why are we letting the CDC rule our country?

LFC Comments by Brian Massie: Here is another example of how our elected officials and the deep state in Washington have sold out the citizens of our country. Depopulation and the destruction of the nation state seems to be the common threads in all of the policies that are being thrust upon us and the world. With a reported birth rate of 1.5 the U.S. population cannot be sustained.

We need to get the information out to the citizens about home schooling. We predict that, just as in Germany, the government will outlaw home schooling in the future because public schools are going to go into receivership when the public stops renewing property tax levies.


By Just Jan Thinking

Regardless of your political interests, you need to read this link. All text is from a friend.


The CDC does not have any authority to make laws, rulings, or jurisdictions that affect Americans. There is a standard process that must be followed which involves Congress, Congressional committees, discussion, deliberation, and public voting by elected officials.

The CDC is a bureaucratic organization. Bureaucracies do not have the power to enact anything but suggestions. This 15-0 vote taken this morning is just plain WRONG!

I realize many of you have been vaccinated against the Covid and some of its variants. In part, that was a decision you made. To subject the future of this country to such treatment without a full and complete knowledge of the vaccine effects, mandated by a bureaucracy, not by Congress, is just the wrong way to enact such policies.

The MSM runs stories about unexplained deaths and disease contracted after receiving the Covid mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna).  To wit, 80 young Canadian doctors, most of whom were in their 20’s, have all died recently. All had received the vaccine. Until longitudinal studies are conducted which determines the overall value and effectiveness of these vaccines, no one should be required to take this vaccine, unless there are mitigating circumstances involving individual health.

I cannot tell you how incensed I am. INCENSED! This has nothing to do with political affiliation. It has to directly do with injecting vaccine into our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighborhood kids, etc. when the integrity and health impact of the vaccine remains in question.

I have already written to my Congressman about this issue. I expect him to take the lead in questioning this CDC ruling. 

I encourage everyone I have sent this to do the same. At the least, children should not be receiving this vaccine until it has been proven safe. Children and parents should not be forced

to inoculate until this vaccine and its process of development are studied and understood.

Please don’t hesitate to do something. If the vaccine proves to be safe and effective, then let’s go ahead with improving the health of all US citizens. Right now there are concerns over the short and long term effects of this Covid-19 vaccine. 




Lake County Liberty Coalition


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