Math is a foreign language in Lake County’s Middle and High Schools

Brian Massie, citizen journalist

During our research on the proficiency scores of Lake County’s Riverside and Mentor public school districts, we discovered an alarming fact about math education in middle and high schools. Excluding the Kirtland School District, the shining star in Lake County, the eight school districts are failing their students, parents, and taxpayers miserably.

We urge all parents, school board members, and interested taxpayers to determine what is the basic problem. We cannot believe that this is a poor teacher problem. It is obvious that the curriculum, and how the teachers have been instructed to teach the subject matter must, be called into question.

The following is the proficiency scores for Lake County Middle Schools.

Note: There was no scores reported for the Fairport Harbor Middle School.

Page 1 6th Grade
Page 2 7th Grade
Page 3 8th Grade
Page 4 Summary of all Grades

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Before Covid, the overall proficiency scores for all middle schools was 61.9%. We rate that as a D-. The averages after the Covid virus was a jaw-dropping 38.5%, which is a drop of 23.4%!

Painesville’s Heritage Middle School scored 31.5% before Covid, and 21.8% after Covid.

The following schedules cover that Algebra 1 and Geometry proficiency scores for all Lake County High Schools

Page 5 Geometry scores
Page 6 Algebra 1 scores
Page 7 Summary for all High School Math Scores

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Excluding the Kirtland School District, Geometry is a foreign language to most Lake County students. With an overall 57% proficiency score before Covid and 35.8% after Covid, one has to wonder if the majority of the children know the difference between a circle and a triangle.

When we attend school board meetings and hear the school boards and administrators support the social justice issues of the day, and spend times debating which bathrooms the boys and girls will use, we realize that the public schools may not be able to be saved.

This is not just a Lake County issue, but a nationwide issue as well.,are%20historic%2C%E2%80%9D%20Carr%20said.

Excerpts from the article:

“An overwhelming majority of states saw significant score declines among fourth- and eighth-graders in math and reading between 2019 and 2022, with students posting the largest score declines ever recorded in math, according to new federal data that provides the most comprehensive evaluation to date of the impact of the pandemic on academic achievement.

“The results show the profound toll on student learning during the pandemic, as the size and scope of the declines are the largest ever in mathematics,” said Peggy Carr, commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, the research arm of the Education Department.”

““These mathematics results are historic,” Carr said. “They are the largest declines in mathematics that we have observed in the entire history of this assessment.”


Our advice to the Lake County schools would be to stop advancing the liberal, communist agenda by promoting the “social justice” issues, and get back to the basics of “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic”.

Taxpayers will not accept being priced out of their homes with every increasing school property taxes. Eventually, they will realize, and they will reject, that the most important issues for public school boards, unions, and employees manifests itself in the “Don’t tell Mom, it will be our little secret” pronoun policy, and letting “little Bobby” use the girls’ bathroom, or dress in the girls’ locker rooms because he is mentally confused.

Lake County taxpayers, we have a huge problem!



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