Former Lake County Commissioner’s Statement Becomes Reality

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

One of my favorite videos is former Commissioner Ron Young stating his opinion on the top two priorities of government and politicians. Take it away Ron:

We just discovered a real life example of how former State Representative and Commissioner Young is totally correct. Government’s top priorities are to grow and protect itself.

Every quarter there is a review by the Lake County Advisory Committee, comprised of two Commissioners and the Treasurer, (Lake County has more boards than Milton Bradley) of the County’s cash and securities balances. Here are the startlingly figures:

Cash & Securities 9/30/22 12/31/18 Increase % Increase
Total Portfolio$425,369,328$276,612,750$148,756,57853.8%
Lake County’s Portfolio Review by Meeder Public Funds

In less than four years, your County is living the good life with large sums of money just waiting to be spent.

We can admit to you that not once did we hear any of the reported “Conservative” Commissioners hint that they are considering giving some money back to the people of Lake County. We have revoked their “conservative” card again for failing to give money back to the people.

The ONLY elected official I have heard making the statement that the people could share in the excess cash by having their property taxes reduced was Auditor Chris Galloway.

Commissioner Young was correct…”government just wants to grow and protect itself”.

Wait until we hear about the cost of the new Justice Center!

…Aye, Matey, it will “shiver yer timbers”.


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