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Republicans are quite mixed on their opinions of Mike DeWine.

Thanks to a Lake County lobbyist for their opinion on Governor Mike DeWine.


Hey Brian,

Haven’t had the inspiration to get this piece done until tonight. Hope you can use it. 

Mike DeWine Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote

In the summer of 2020, family members could not visit their loved ones in nursing homes. If your spouse was injured or sick and in the hospital, you were not permitted to be with them. People died alone, without loved ones at their sides. Restaurants, bars, barber shops, day cares, independently owned businesses not deemed “essential” were closed. At the peak, over 1 million Ohio residents had applied for unemployment benefits. Countless lives interrupted, shattered and some destroyed by the actions of one man, Richard Michael DeWine. 

He did not act alone. He had a team behind him. A team that stood on stage with him for his daily pressers. This team helped him to extort the Ohio Revised Code so his desires could be fulfilled. They are also up for re-election next week. If you value true liberty and freedom, not only does Mike DeWine never deserve another vote, nether does Jon Husted, Dave Yost or Frank LaRose. 

They could’t have maintained the lockdowns and mandates in Ohio for almost 2 years without each other. They went after bars and restaurants via their liquor licenses. They attempted to force the compliance of other businesses by using the Bureau of Workman’s Compensation. Mike DeWine couldn’t have done these things on his own and neither could Dave Yost. Frank LaRose stood by as confusion reigned when DeWine used Amy Acton to declare polling places “unsafe” in the March 2020 primary election. 

DeWine is running on “jobs” for his re-election. Ohio had jobs, he destroyed them. He created the problem and like a lifelong, establishment politician is attempting to tell us he is the solution. Don’t fall for it. Everyone must decide for themself what to do next Tuesday. A vote for DeWine in my opinion condones his actions from March 2020 onward. He was cocky, arrogant in how he was “saving lives” during his pressers, yet he has not mentioned any of that during his campaign. Why hasn’t he reminded us what a “strong” leader he was in those times? 

Election Day is close. He does not deserve your vote. When casting a vote you are voting FOR someone. A vote for DeWine/Husted, Yost and LaRose is a vote for lockdowns. A vote for mandates. A vote for manipulating the system. A vote for interfering in your life. They have a track record and the record speaks for itself. They prefer you forget. 

One last thing…House Bill 6 has still not been repealed. 



Lake County Liberty Coalition


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