Lake County’s Uni-Party is Already Starting their Next Campaign Season

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist and over-taxed taxpayer

Lake County’s Uni-Party is starting the campaign season early. Democrat Judge Paul Malchesky is having a fundraiser at Hellriegels Inn on December 8th. Just take a look at the number of Republicans that are on his host committee.

We could save Lake County taxpayers a lot of money by eliminating the primary elections. Since it is just one big party, and party platforms really do not mean anything, let everyone run as independents.

Judges are not responsive to the average voter during the campaign season because they cannot speak about any issue that may come before them. It is a huge deception played on American citizens. The individual with the most strategically placed signs and direct mail literature usually will win the election, unless the name recognition factor is too great to overcome.

If you thought that the Commissioners are the top administrators in the County, you would be mistaken. It is the Prosecutor’s office and the judges that “rule the roost”, and they are not bashful in letting everyone know it. Many elected officials have paid a very heavy political price trying to act in the best interests of the taxpayers (read: Clerk of Courts Faith Andrews), only to be put in place by the judicial branch of County government.

We have been disappointed for quite some time with Mr. Malchesky’s apparent love for continuous property tax levies when he was a Concord Trustee and on the Morely Library Board. So much so, we have dubbed him “Mr. Continuous”. Supporting continuous levies means that he supports property taxes being collected FOREVER, and the governmental entity never has to be accountable to the taxpayers. Mr. Malchesky played a role in the ever-increasing property taxes that are pricing seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes. He should be ashamed of himself! It is a very questionable legacy.

for Re-election as Painesville Municipal Court JudgeThursday, Dec. 8th, 20225:00–7:00 pm
Hellriegel’s Inn, 1840 Mentor Avenue
Dear Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! We would love for you to join us at the fundraiser on Dec. 8th for a drink and nostalgia. Paul’s grandpa, Judge Hoose and President John F. Kennedy both celebrated election seasons at Hellriegel’s.

The donations are as follows:
Individual – $50
Friend – $100
Host – $250
Signature – $650

You can learn more about Judge Malchesky’s service to our community at or on the Facebook page.

You can always email directly at





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