Judge O’Donnell wants a “do over”

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

The case between the Lake County Clerk of Courts, Faith Andrews, and all seven of the Lake County judges is not over. [I guess it isn’t over until the judges say it’s over – that is how powerful they are.] This time it appears that Judge O’Donnell is the one with his “knickers in bunch”, because he did not get a chance to respond to the Clerk’s allegations. They filed a “Motion to Reconsider”….


“Respondents seek a reconsideration of this Court’s decision of November 30, 2022,
respectfully submitting that its issuance of Relator’s requested writs was premature under the Rules of Practice and principles of due process: This Court granted Relator’s requested writs and entered judgment against Respondents without first affording Respondents an opportunity to address the allegations in the Complaint; further, it did so without awaiting Respondents’ answer to Relator’s allegations and by relying exclusively on briefings that presumed all of Relator’s allegations as
true and which construed all inferences in Relator’s favor. Respondents seek reconsideration of this Court’s opinion to allow them an opportunity to address the allegations in the Complaint and allow any determination about the propriety of extraordinary relief to be based only upon the parties’ submission of evidence and briefing (in the event of an alternative writ) or the uncontroverted facts (in the event of an answer).”…page 5 of motion

Standard of Review and Procedural Posture

“That is, the standard for granting this Motion should simply be whether this Court agrees its original decision was issued prematurely.”…page 5 of the motion


LFC Editorial Comments:

The Ohio Supreme Court must be getting tired of the Lake County judiciary asking them to reconsider their decisions. Prosecutor Coulson lost on the Lucci verdict, and we believe that O’Donnell will lose this motion to reconsider also.

We wonder how Probate Judge Mark J. Bartolotta and Judge Karen Lawson, Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division, feel about being dragged into this controversy only to receive a black mark on their permanent record from the Ohio Supreme Court.

Judge Lucci is packing his bags and heading to his new gig at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. It was interesting to hear that the long term employee of the Clerk’s office retired, and a second employee quit her job in the Clerk’s office and went to work for Judge Lucci.

That is known as addition by subtraction!

We heard from a local Republican “pundit”, and they wanted to know if Judge O’Donnell thinks that all the Supreme Court justices are Democrats?



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