Podcast #2: The Unsustainable Growth of Lake County Government

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

It is time that the citizens of Lake County realize, that as far as taxes are concerned, there is no one that is considering what is in the best interests of the taxpayers. We have discovered that there is an unsustainable growth in County government.

Please listen to how the Lake County Budget Commission has been turned into merely a “rubber stamp” by Prosecutor Charles Coulson, arguably the most powerful man in Lake County.

Lake County wants to build a new Public Safety Center (formerly known as a jail). We agree that the current jail, built in 1990, is a flaming disaster, and the only thing worth saving are the people that work in the jail. Construction costs are estimated at $151 – $171 million, but with interest payments the project will cost $300 million. The Commissioners are proposing a 1/2% sales tax to fund the project, and provide pay increases for County personnel.

We started doing some research on the current funds held by the various political subdivisions and discovered that Laketran currently has $41 million in cash, and that is projected to grow to $57 million by 2027. We decided to speak to the Laketran Board of Trustees (all appointed by the Lake County Commissioners) and request that they rescind the 1/4% sales tax, passed in 2019, because they have “changed the deal” with the taxpayers on their basic “Dial-A-Ride” service from “essential trips” to a “first come, first serve” basis. (See a previous article where we wrote about that change.)

Here is an edited YouTube video of yours truly addressing the Laketran Board of Trustees. There was one Trustee brave enough to agree with me.

We agree that the jail needs to be replaced because we believe that the level and severity of crimes will continue to increase in Lake County. We have a question for the Lake County citizens: “Is it more important to use the 1/2% sales tax on buses with no, or very few riders, and forge an increased bus service with Geauga County, or increase the law enforcement capabilities to ensure the safety and well-being of all Lake County residents?”

Make your elected officials know about your position on Laketran changing the deal on the taxpayers, and their excessive cash reserves. Also, think about Prosecutor Coulson’s ruling on making the Lake County Budget Commission ineffective and no longer capable of looking out for the best interests of Lake County taxpayers.

Do not be surprised if your local elected officials are afraid to speak up on your behalf. There is a real tight network of politicians that cover for each other, and they try to stay in their respective lanes.


Stay tuned for more podcasts and articles about Lake County’s bloated government.

Take it away Commissioner Young:



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