Alienated Grandparents

Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for sending us this article.

by Jonathan David Mooers, ©2022

(Dec. 25, 2022) — How important is electricity, and how important are loving grandparents to any society on planet Earth?

ANSWER: Just imagine that these two integral elements of any society, harnessed electricity and unrestricted grandparents, completely vanish from planet Earth overnight.   

What would that altered planet Earth look and feel like with no electricity and no loving grandparents?

ANSWER: Darkness, backwardness and frightful insecurity.

The natural family unit is the first government, an incubator for a growing child’s values and affections.Trust is the mortar that holds these precious units together to form a storm-resistant society. – JD Mooers

Loving grandparents offer family stability; as America’s senior citizens, loving grandparents may even be seen collectively as a vital part of national stability.

Loving grandparents offer decades of advanced experiences, knowledge and confidence that they willingly pass on to receptive grandchildren.

Grandparents, most importantly, offer a natural flow of affections to their beloved DNA-grandchildren. Recent studies indicate that children blessed with unrestricted kindness, attention and affection from their loving grandparents are more likely to develop into happier, better-adjusted adults, and acquire better problem-solving abilities.  These positive attributes are nurtured in children who possess a life-long memory bank full of affectionate deposits. 

Life is a one-way journey; we can never go back to our childhoods to revise our past experiences for more positive outcomes today.  Grandparents are time-dependent.  Anyone who obstructs the natural flow of grandparent affections to their own DNA-grandchildren possibly commits a bio-crime of memory bank robbery, a robbery of loving heartfelt deposits that are rightfully the intellectual property of deserving grandchildren upon which to make future withdrawals.

Contrast an adult mind bonded with carefree memories of loving grandparents versus that same adult mind with such carefree memories obstructed by others over time and, therefore, such buoyant memories missing altogether. 

Fortunately, there are three “mothers of mercy” who have recently published books that explain the causes of this form of alienation, and recommend coping measures to help victims adjust to the devastating abuse of “alienated grandparents”:

1.  Amanda (not her real name) of Naples, FL has formed “Alienated Grandparents Anonymous” and is author of, “I Thought I Was The Only One.”

2. Linda Goudsmit, author of, “The Collapsing American Family

3. Phyllis Schafly, author of, “Who Killed The American Family?

While Amanda’s approach to rectifying grandparent alienation is, essentially, learned reconciliation, the other two authors explain the external forces that likely shape this abusive internal family dynamic. Goudsmit recommends that alienated grandparents survive and go about their lives as fully as they can in order to limit the number of family”casualties,” with delicate reconciliation and family unity possibly occurring over time after the alienator naturally seeks to make family amends on their own.   

Be kind in all your dealings,
With family and living creatures;
Kindness is one sure investment,
That always yields positive features. – JD Mooers

Jonathan David Mooers, PE, MBA, Grandparent


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