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Episode 380: Colonial Christmas, Car Repossessions, J6 Referral and Transhumanism

BY TOMSAPRIME | DECEMBER 22, 2022 · 10:26 AM

Merry Colonial Christmas to All. Not being cheeky here, that greeting would be offensive to some, being the 17th Century Puritan or the saying would be exceptionally welcoming in a most debauched manner to most others of the period. This is not much different in so many ways as in our present except that the debauched and indulgent humanist in our time echo offense to all things Christmas and Christian. To that, the past echos of the churched, few real Reformed Puritans left, are making their whispers of ‘Christ is Born’ vibrating in the empty congregations.

The celebration of Christmas has not always been as it is today. In fact the ‘humbug’ at the Colonial Christmas period would have been the Puritans. Today, Biblical Reformation believers are the minority who shout the joys of ‘Glory to God in the highest.’ I discuss more on the Podcast or you can skip to the ‘References.’

This week I’m highlighting the less known points about the historical Colonial Christmas up to the Revolutionary period. I know you are scratching your head about the Car Repossessions, J6 and Transhumanism as part of a Colonial Christmas. Well, It all ties to my past programs on Political Theology and Economics.

Make sure you read my Stanford U declared offensive paragraph on the J6 Referrals.

Car Repossessions

You know of the bursting bubble effects in the economy? Well the car loan and repossession bubble is upon US. Interestingly, this is a little known economic indicator that does matter. I’ll cover this more in the second segment of the program. Yes, you can skip to the ‘References’ for the full meat of the matter.

J6 Referrals

Disclaimer: all words in quotes and Italics on the Stanford list

I’m not going to ‘beat the dead horse’ on this one… Oh, I forgot, Stanford now claims I cannot use that phrase or many conventional word concepts. OK, I’m getting a ‘little off the reservation’ here so let me get back to the ‘insanely’ ‘lame’ J6 Referrals. Let’s face it, that committee needed a ‘sanity check’ and the comments by that legal ‘guru,’ Professor Alan Dershowitz, ‘takes a shot’ at the ‘peanut gallery’ sending criminal referrals to the DOJ. He clearly calls a spade a spade’ with what the J6’ers did as Unconstitutional.

You got it, read more at the ‘References’ before they get ‘blacklisted’ and ‘whipped into shape.’ Also see ‘the Constitution Annotated’ regarding Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 ‘bills of attainer,’ and ‘ex post facto laws.’


You will have to listen to my comments but I have known about this for over twenty-plus years. I saw a the beginnings back in 1999 when I was involved in the Supercomputing environment. Remember, that DARPA and NSF fund a lot of this research. Think of it as the next move of the CIA’s futuristic experiments with LSD. Heck, if everyone on the planet is in ‘The Matrix,’ how much easier life would be?

If you want a short crash course on transhumanism, read more at the ‘References.’

Episode 380: Colonial Christmas, Car Repossessions, J6 Referral and Transhumanism




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