Breaking News in Lake County, Ohio…updated 12/31/22

Congratulations to the New Lakeland Community College Board Members

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Jack Cornacchio and Paul Rupert’s appointments to the Lakeland Community College Board of Trustees were ratified by the Ohio State Senate on their last day of their session last week.

It appears that their first duties will be to vote on a new contract for Morris Beverage, ll, President of Lakeland. [Two years, $465,000 per year]

We have been told that State Senator, Jerry Cirino, was instrumental in getting both individuals approved by the State Senate.

LFC was told and confirmed the following:

“It is my understanding the Governor’s office communicated the news to Amy Sabath in her position of Director of Government Relations; Morris immediately e-mailed Steve Ellis, Jerry Lee Rispoli, and Kay Malec (the three board members who voted for his contract), copying the entire administration asking them to request a special meeting. They tried to do it with the new board members present and without the four board members that voted against the contract. They failed at that scheme and are now trying to schedule the meeting for the first week of January.”


Updated with video
12/30/22 10:00 am

Lake County Commissioners Tabled the 1/2% Sales Tax Increase

At today’s meeting, Commissioner Richard Regovich made the motion to table the resolution approving a 1/2% increase in the sales tax. The increase, if passed, would make Lake County in the top tier of sales tax % assessment in the State.

Commissioner Hamercheck provided the second and it was voted 3-0 to table the resolution until January 12, 2023.

This will enable incoming Commissioner John Plecnik to weigh in our the decision to pay $151 – $171 million ($300 million with interest) for the new Public Safety Center, formerly known as a jail.

We were told at the meeting that the 1/2% sales tax will generate $16 – $20 million dollars annually. Unfortunately, the Commissioners were reluctant to say how much of that amount was for the jail, and how much was for pet projects of the various departments.

We will send an email to the County Finance Director asking for specifics on the cost and the financing details of the new Public Safety Center. For some reason, these details have been kept as a closely guarded secret.


Sheriff Sticks Up for His Pal Prosecutor Coulson

Sheriff Leonbruno just had to defend his Prosecutor from LFC’s Director, Brian Massie. The Sheriff said that I cast aspersions on the reputation of Prosecutor Coulson.

Stay tuned for our rebuttal with the only thing we know – THE TRUTH!

Updated 12/31/22 7:55 am

“Sheriff Frank Leonbruno distorts the truth about what LFC said about elected officials not caring about the financial interests of Lake County citizens.”

We have just heard from our British friends, Holmes, Watson, Jordy and Mrs. Hudson, and they seemed a little miffed at the Sheriff. The only thing they said was that they wanted to “have a go at Frankie and Chuckie”. Let’s see what our friends have to say in LFC’s defense. Stay tuned….


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