Lake County Republican Party Surging…John Plecnik is Sworn in as Commissioner…updated 1/3/23

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist and Mugwamp

It was standing room only at the Liberty Street Republican Party headquarters last night.

Commissioner Elect John Plecnik was sworn in as the new Lake County Commissioner by John Eklund, Ohio’s Eleventh District Court of Appeals Justice. Congratulations to Commissioner Plecnik for receiving an overwhelming vote of confidence from Lake County voters in the November election.

Here is a video of the ceremony:

Congratulations to Commissioner John Plecnik for being elected by the Lake County voters.
11th Circuit Court of Appeals Justice John Eklund administers the oath of office to Commissioner John Plecnik.
John Eklund / John Plecnik / Scott Fishel

This Mugwump (a person who remains independent, especially of party politics) could not help but see, hear and feel an energy level that I had not experienced before. Commissioners Plecnik and Rich Regovich presented the Party Chairman, Dale Fellows, with a plaque commemorating the tremendous Republican victory in the November elections.

The award is in keeping with the latest statistics published on the Lake County Board of Election’s website. Of the 162,779 registered voters in Lake County, there are now 34,862 (21.4%) Republicans and 22,854 (13.0%) Democrats. Our last research into those statistics showed the Republicans as a minority party with ~12.0% of the registered voters. This nearly 10% movement from my fellow Mugwumps (independents) is really quite remarkable. If the Republican Party continues with their faith, family and country first agenda, we predict that there will be a continued movement from the Mugwumps into the Republican Party.

Note to any Democrat that may stumble across this website…Your Party could also grow if the Party ceased advocating the killing of babies, destroying the traditional family, accepting perversion in our public schools, and wiping out the sovereignty of the United States with your open border policies. Evil is permeating your party, and you are on the path of destruction. Just do not try to take the rest of us with you.




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