Human Trafficking in Ohio…Are Republicans Up to the Challenge?

Brian Massie, citizen journalist, Mugwump

We have not published many articles about the evils of Human Trafficking in Ohio and Lake County. I reached out to locals sources asking if it is happening in our area, and was given some very interesting information about this evil in the State of Ohio, and how our State officials are dealing with the problem.


Citizens Unite! We can no longer sweep this under the rug.

Brian, it is so sad that this horrid slavery is everywhere. I am in the process of updating and revising my “Human Trafficking in Ohio” presentation. We need to insist that an “ax be taken to the root” of moral disintegration in our state…not prune the branches and allow it to be fruitful.

Recently, however, some Ohio arrests were made that included a man from Garrettsville. There may very well be a continued Human Trafficking business in Mentor. 

You may be interested to know that Ohio Attorney General Yost does not focus efforts to bust the ring leaders, or follow the money to terminate gangs of human traffickers, but to provide services to victims and to arrest the “consumers”.

It is a multifaceted problem, but there are solutions. I focus on how our “well funded” Ohio government will do better if we hold our legislators accountable to do what is right…even if they themselves may be entangled with prostitution, soliciting sex outside of marriage online, pornography, or drug abuse.

The January 6th Ohio Republican State Central Committee meeting will bring us a new chairperson. I pray, and I ask you and your following to send prayers,

  1. That our few conservatives on the State Central Committee who exhibit a backbone (very few) can bring changes to the bylaws (way more important than who is the chair).
  2. May we get the best chair who will only function within the scope of his/her duties. 
  3. Ultimately, pray that we get a Platform for Ohio to serve as the vehicle for our conservative values to become policy.

The committees currently are not self-selecting but “assigned” by the chair and the same handful of “establishmentites” are chairing/filling these committees —this is how the Republican establishment shuts up our conservative representatives.

Legislators moral or amoral, liberal or conservative, if they are Republicans and do not adhere to a Platform for Ohio, they get censured, no funds, no endorsements, no recognition by the party. The world will be a better place. In Jesus’s name, so be it.


Below are 3 sourced quotes where Yost is prioritizing going after the “buyers”. I believe it is a mistake to initially handle this issue with marketing philosophy. I feel that swift and certain punishment, hunting down slavers, seizing assets of criminal gangs and using the lucre to bolster law enforcement, investigations, and to recover and heal victims should be first. However, the Ohio Revised Code is so complicated that it is lawyer silly putty and criminals with lawyers slither out of punishment.

Yost should be making recommendations that the legislature simplify and clarify our statutory law before spending money on programs for “johns”.

Yost should also recommend that the legislature tax the free pornography pouring into Ohio.

Ohio is the #1 consumer of free online porn ads per capita in the USA from Brazzers (HQ in Canada: Syrian, Chinese, Al-Shabab investor owned) and JustFans (Chinese-Communist owned and where even minors can exploit themselves!).

$3 billion can be generated quickly by doing this move, and it will slow the sewage pipe. Tax it out of existence.

Ohio also has the most crypto currency exchanges per capita which makes buying and selling humans, drugs, weapons, moving counterfeit money, organ harvesting and every other 3rd World black market activity absolutely untraceable.

So, the legislature needs to move together and take care of the State. This is their responsibility.

The Ohio Republican State Central Committee needs to be the board of directors that actually directs the Majority Republicans everywhere to address the issues in concert. The State Central Committee’s primary job is to produce a PLATFORM FOR OHIO, the document that provides direction, an instrument of accountability, a short list of specific conservative policy solutions, a defining document that tells who Republicans are and what Republicans are going to do….since 2008 there has not been even a semblance of a state platform and some time prior to 2008, the State Central Committee merely adopted the RNC platform…EPIC FAIL. The State Central Committee isn’t doing its job and THAT is a rant for another day.

PS… When I began in Christian Coalition in the early 90s with Chris Hartkop, we had lengthy discussions about leaving the party vs working within the party structure; voting on moral convictions vs pragmatism;  incrementalism vs all-or-nothing. I am glad I hashed it all out in my 20s. I know you left “the party” and I don’t blame you one bit. I am determined to be a thorn in the side of this rotten establishment with reforms and recruiting reformers who not only believe the right things, but who are willing to learn to implement reforms with civility and backbone.

Attorney General Yost’s attempt to solve the Human Trafficking evil in Ohio:



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