Podcast #3 – LFC discusses how to pay for the new jail

Brian Massie, citizen journalist

The largest construction project in Lake County ‘s history will be the new Public Safety Center (formerly known as a jail).

In the video, I try to describe the various means to pay for the jail – either sales tax, property tax, our out of the General Fund; and the technique that the Prosecutor’s office used to eliminate the chance of citizens voting on the issue.

It appears that the Lake County Commissioners, the Sheriff and the Prosecutor favor a 1/2% sales increase without giving the citizens a chance to vote on the issue. In essence, they are asking the citizens to trust them because they know what is best for the community.

When trust is broken can it ever be repaired?

If you want the citizens to vote on this issue, you will have to exercise your rights as citizens and contact the three Lake County Commissioners and express your views.

Richard Regovich 440-350-2333



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