Pedophiles will save the world, claims the WEF

Take a deep breath and click on Browser Version link (above photo).There are no words to describe the horror of globalism’s attempt to legalize pedophilia, and criminally insane WEF proposition that pedophiles will save the world.

I am currently writing about power and powerlessness; how children are the future of every society on earth; how globalism’s war on humanity is a war on children; how pornographic sex education seeks to dissolve the boundaries between adults and children; how dissolving adult/child sexual boundaries is an attack on children’s physical (sexual), psychological, and emotional boundaries; how dissolving all boundaries dissolves any moral considerations of right and wrong; and how dissolving moral considerations dissolves any legal protections for the children. It is a monstrous abuse of power and crime against humanity being perpetrated by the globalist monsters of technocracy and transhumanism. 

It is the most catastrophic humanitarian hoax of all time, and is being perpetrated worldwide by destroying society’s ability to reality test through asymmetric psychological warfare. It is why I titled the new book I am writing, Space Is Not the Final Frontier––Reality Is.

Linda Goudsmit January 5, 2023  and website:


“Pedophiles will save the world”, claims the World Economic Forum

Organized, systematic child abuse is part of the lifestyle of the elites in the higher circles of our societies. As this is being exposed, they are at risk of being prosecuted, which is why they are trying to normalize it. Check the videos below for shocking eye witness testimonies, and check out our in depth evidence report about child trafficking and abuse, by top officials of our world.

Top officials torture,
rape, and murder kids

Attorney Anne Marie van Blijenburgh testifies how she was present three times with ritual abuse and murder of children, by members of the Dutch royal family and the top of politics, the judiciary and other dignitaries. This happens in every country, as it is basic practice of the criminal financial elites who run the world.

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