Lake County’s Breaking News on the Sales Tax Increase By Republicans…updated 1/13/23

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist. Mugwump

The two really BIG government Republicans bypassed the voters and their Lake County Party’s platform and voted today to increase the Lake County Sales Tax by 1/2%. They, purposefully, did not let the voters have any say in the matter. There was no statement when the sales tax increase will take effect.

In his very first official, significant vote, former Willowick Mayor, and now County Commissioner Rich Regovich proves that he is also a big government Republican, and we predict he will be a two year Commissioner.

He agreed with Commissioner Hamercheck that they should collect an additional $16 – $20 million for the general fund from the taxpayers without telling them how the money is to be spent.

The money will go into the general fund so that the taxpayers do not get to vote on the increase. This is, in my opinion, a deception played on the taxpayers to circumvent the Ohio Revised Code. If they had indicated in their resolution that it was for a detention facility that would require a vote of the people.

Commissioner John Plecnik was the only one that stood up on behalf of the taxpayers.

As a reminder to voters, here is the platform that Lake County Republicans “believe in” and peddle shamelessly to the voters:

Commissioner Hamerchek has had a good run as Commissioner, and may get his name on another public building, but voters now realize that he is also a big government Republican. He will now be able to dispense a great deal of money throughout the County in addition to building a “state of the art” jail. Our advice to Commissioner Hamercheck: “Do not hang up too many permanent pictures in your office”.

We will be looking for fiscally conservative Democrats that consider the average citizen’s financial interests. Does anyone know if any exist in Lake County?

Commissioner John Plecnik

Commissioner John Plecnik seems to be the only one of a select few in the Republican Party that understand the plight of seniors and those on a fixed income.

Voters are waking up and judging their elected officials based on actions and not their words. It is a very sad day for Lake County businesses, Republican Party, and the over-taxed taxpayers. Democrats cannot wait for the next election cycle.


Updated January 13, 2023

Here is yours truly addressing the Lake County Commissioners requesting that they give the people the chance to vote on the sales tax increase.

Brian Massie requests the Commissioners to allow the citizens to vote on the sales tax increase.


Three citizens ask the Commissioners not to raise the sales tax.

If you want to hear the difference between a conservative Republican and a big government Republican (RINO), the following two videos will clearly show you the stark contrast in political philosophy.

Commissioner John Plecnik listens to the citizens of Lake County like a true Conservative Republican.
Commissioner Rich Regovich chooses not to listen to the citizens like a true big government politician (RINO).


So how much money does the extended Lake County government have?

Here is the latest investment report for the County:

Total Portfolio is $419, 725,123 with $88.7 million in LONG TERM INVESTMENTS.

Other political subdivisions , such as Laketran, $42 million, Deepwood $55 million, Lake Metroparks $18 million, Crime Lab $7 million, ADAMHS $5 million, have extracted more money than they need to operate.

In addition, Lake County has won a verdict of $306 million in their opioid lawsuit.

So we can see that the County has 3/4 of a billion dollars, and they have the chutzpah to pass, without a vote of the people, a 1/2% sales tax levy by circumventing the Ohio Revised Code.

Former Commissioner Ron Young knows the reason for this. Take it away Ron…




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