Ohio Republican Party Should Become Certified Right-to-Life Party

Jon Morrow, Committee for a Better Ohio

Dear Conservative Leaders,

Will you help us to pressure the Ohio Republican Party to become a certified Right-to-Life organization?

The Committee for a Better Ohio is tired of the ORP  taking too long to get conservatives policies across the line. The Committee for a Better Ohio is working with the Ohio Promise Keepers to push policy initiatives through the Ohio Republican Party. We have tirelessly championed an ORP platform and it looks as if we may see a platform this year.

We’d also like to see a change to the permanent rules of the committee and so we are introducing a resolution to the State Central Committee. We feel the most basic right we have is the right to life and using this as a starting point should not be controversial. Its something that Patriots should agree that the Republican Party should do more than pay lip-service to.

We have a webpage setup devoted to this effort. I hope you will sign your name to those encouraging the ORP to adopt this resolution.


You can read the resolution in its entirety at the webpage and add your name to a list of supporters.

Somethings we should all be able to agree upon and support each other with.


 Jon Paul Morrow




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