Commissioner Hamercheck Called Out for Hypocrisy


In this article from Hamercheck’s 2012 campaign, he attacked Bob Aufuldish for raising the sales tax calling it “a surprise to everyone” and then vowed to repeal it. Instead he goes and votes for a bigger tax hike, himself!


Hamercheck attacks Bob Aufuldish in 2012 for taking a lead role on NOACA and was on the Board of LeedCo.

When he is the President of NOACA and on the Board of LeedCo.

Hamercheck brags about balancing the budget without raising taxes.

He then approves the largest tax increase of $16 – $20 million annually with a new 1/2% sales tax.


LFC Comments:

History is filled with a politician’s promises made and not kept. It just comes with the territory. Remember the “Read my lips, no new taxes’ uttered by one term President George Bush, senior, or John Kerry’s “I voted for it, before I voted against it” gaff. In Commissioner Hamercheck’s genuine concern for the taxpayers, he got twisted in the “ends justify the means” mentality. The excessive amount, over and above what is needed to build the jail will leave taxpayers wondering what he intends to do with the additional funds.

We concede that we need a new jail. However, the Commissioners passed a resolution increasing the sales tax and the revenue would be placed in the General Fund, which negates the need for a vote of the people.

The Ohio Revised Code clearly states that if the sales tax revenue is clearly for a “detention facility” then the vote of the people is required.

The new sales tax increase will generate $16 – $20 million per year. Only $8 million per year is needed to pay for the jail. The Commissioners never publicly stated why there is a need for the additional $8 – $10 million per year.

We have been told that the maximum increase for the payroll increases for the Assistant Prosecutors and Sheriff Deputies amount to $1.8 million annually.

Clearly, in our opinion, the taxpayers of Lake County have been “hoodwinked”.


Here is some feedback from the Lake County citizens:




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