Exposing the evil in the world

By Luciana / January 20, 2023

A couple of people have asked me not to share such stories with them because they don’t want to know of or see such things.

I wonder how these 2 boys would feel if they knew that so many people would rather go on with their lives, not knowing, not caring.

Instead, they should be exposing it and seeking to do all that they can to make it harder for this to occur again to even one more child!

I lose so much sleep crying and praying for children such as this. My tears and loss of sleep can’t even compare to the tears, fear, and pain these children suffer.

Thank you for being someone who prays along with me for this nightmare to end for so many of God’s innocent children. And for the wrath of God to come down swiftly upon the demonic people who are involved in such crimes against children. 



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