Lake County, Ohio…Highest Paid Employees

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Thank you to Luciana for sending us this very revealing payroll information for the Lake County government employees. This is just their salary and does not include any employee benefits, such as pension and health insurance. When you pay your latest property tax bill, or buy a dozen eggs, just remember how your local government leaders are looking out for your best interest as they are smiling all the way to the bank.

This list does not include all of the political subdivisions, such as Lakeland Community College, Laketran or Lake Metroparks.

Congratulations to Elfriede Roman for being number 1 on the list of highest paid Lake County government employees.

She has been employed at the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood and has been the County Board Superintendent since 1996.

Deepwood has accumulated $55 million in rainy day funds (headed to $60 million per our source) They refuse to return any of the excessive property taxes collected to the taxpayers, and their attorney and member of the Budget Commission, Prosecutor Charles Coulson, says that they do have to return the money.

Coulson contends that an Ohio Supreme Court ruling (he refuses to cite the case to anyone for some reason) states that once the taxpayers have voted on a tax levy the Budget Commission, the “watchdog” for the taxpayers, cannot reduce the excessive taxes being collected. We have been told that If the two other members of the Budget Commission, the Treasurer and Auditor, do not heed Coulson’s advice, they can be personally sued by the political subdivision for reducing their revenue stream.

Auditor Chris Galloway is trying to get the State legislature to fix the problem created by Coulson’s edict. We appreciate his efforts on behalf of the taxpayers.

“In 2021 Lake County, Ohio reported 33 employees making more than $100,000 per year; by comparison the average salary was $53,097. The highest reported pay for the county was $158,660.80 for Elfriede Roman, Dd Management. Lake County, Ohio in 2021 ranked 213th in the nation among highest paying counties and 4,559th in the nation for overall highest paying employers.”

Here are the top ten salaries:

Lake County, OH – Employee Rankings

Rank  Name  Job Title  Pay  Estimated Yearly Salary  
1Elfriede RomanDd Management$158,660.80$158,661 
2Kimberly FraserAdamhs Manager/Supervisors$145,505.79$145,506 
3Charles CoulsonProsecutor$144,984.23$144,984 
4Mark KomarCoroner$139,513.33$139,513 
5James GillsLake County Engineer$133,803.09$133,803 
6Ron GrahamBoard of Health Manager/Supervisor$133,474.24$133,474 
7Eric SchaltenbrandDd Management$129,400$129,400 
8David StrichkoBuilding Inspection Supervisor$127,096.62$127,097 
9Vanessa ClappPublic Defender Management$123,302.40$123,302 
10Jason BoydCommissioners Management$120,071.20$120,071


Note to all Lake County taxpayers: No one, other than Commissioner John Plecnik, has stated publicly that people are being taxed out of their home. No one, except for Auditor Chris Galloway and Commissioner Plecnik, has mentioned to LFC that excessive taxes collected must be returned to the people.

Let’s bring in former Commissioner Ron Young for a refresher on the two top priorities of government: (If you can hear him say that the welfare of the citizens is in the top two priorities, please let us know.)


Please support Lake County’s Sub Zero Mission….


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