Bedlam in Mentor Bathroom

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

We are very concerned about the declining morality standards in our public schools. Rather than focusing on improving their abysmal proficiency scores, the administrations, unions, Ohio School Board Association, local school boards and teachers are obsessed with the LGBTQ agenda that has flourished under the Biden Administration. Reading, writing and arithmetic has taken a back seat to comprehensive sexual education, transgenderism, personal pronouns, social emotional learning, and critical race theory ideology all the way through K-12.

They are going to reap what they have sown.

We received a video taken by a Mentor High School student while in a girls’ bathroom. The video was recorded because a young man entered the bathroom, and was confronted by many young ladies wanting to know what he was doing in the girls’ bathroom.

Although we attempted to blur the video, we decided to use an abundance of caution not to show any video of any of the participants. We, therefore, are only playing the audio clip of the event at this time. We caution you to the use of bad language from the young ladies.

Why is this acceptable to the administration and school board of the Mentor School District? This may seriously impact your ability to pass the property tax levies scheduled for 2023.


We have to wonder what is the next perversion that the communists will thrust upon the surprisingly gullible American public. Our guess is that it will be the attempt at normalizing pedophilia. Of course, it will be introduced slowly, cautiously as an “unfortunate attraction to minor children”. Since evil works in incremental steps, we can expect a continually march toward acceptance, perhaps starting with the ability to marry a twelve year old child.

By the way, the message of Sodom and Gomorrah was NOT that the residents displayed a “lack of hospitality” as our local Catholic priests are stating!!!

Destroy the family, babies and morality and a society will collapse. We are “circling the drain”.



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