Is World War III brewing?


By Tom Renz / February 13, 2023

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

This is going to be a short one because I do not want to overanalyze the situation. Joe Biden – the man that bragged about having the greatest election fraud machine in history before stealing an election – is attempting to lead us in to World War III. It appears Biden sent American troops to destroy the Nord Stream Pipeline which constitutes a preemptive attack on a nuclear power. He has allowed China to infiltrate most of our federal government and educational institutions and now is shooting down various Chinese tech [rightly so] without providing any leadership or explanation. He also continues to send money and US support to Ukraine to support the various Nazi regiments (see here) as well as the various beneficiaries of the money laundered through the corrupt government while further antagonizing a nuclear superpower.

The only thing more terrifying about the situation facing our nation is the leadership or complete lack there of that we have to face this crisis. A president that reportedly pooped his pants in a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican, that has a son that has files on his laptop that indicate massive corruption and quite possibly criminal sexual and drug activities (but that provides a cut for the “big guy”), and who seems to have more than a few conflicts of interest when it comes to Ukraine and China is just not the right man for this point in history (though it would be fair to ask whether he was chosen by history or by a corrupt election process). What’s worse is that it seems Biden may not actually be running the show. I have numerous documents I am waiting to introduce in to the courts (when we can file the appropriate cases) that indicate that there are a number of organizations that are leveraging more than just influence in the executive wing but this should not surprise anyone that has seen how easily bought Joe Biden has been throughout his career. What is surprising is that the depth of corruption regarding the situation elsewhere in America.

The fake news is acting as though nothing major is happening – while we continue to hurtle ourselves towards possible war. Our major international corporations are also quiet despite the fact you would think they would be terrified by the potential disruptions the geopolitical situation could cause for their businesses… why could that be (answer: they all belong to the WEF which is behind much of this). The left is also quite silent about the potential for a world war and the massive increases in the disparity between the haves and have nots (you know – the issues they claim to be most important). Even the RINOs keep voting to send money to Ukraine and can’t seem to bring up anything beyond the classified document story that they won’t vote to impeach him on. Why?

I will state that, while I have seen substantial evidence about what is going on, I do not have enough to prove any single theory. That said, let me share what I think is happening. I believe that our nation has been corrupted so thoroughly that it is well beyond what most Americans can fathom and that this corruption has primarily come from the WEF and CCP. I also believe that both the WEF and CCP hate American freedom but do not necessarily like each other. There seems to be a bit of conflict between them but also a recognition that the shining beacon of freedom that is America is an obstacle to the goals of either entity. As such I think both want to see America fall and are working towards those ends while also jockeying for position against each other. Finally I think this entire situation has destabilized due to the resistance of the free people of America and the rest of the world.

In terms of war, if I am correct in my analysis, then I’d say we really do not know what is going to happen but we ought to be concerned. The globalists and CCP worked together to create SARS-COV-2 and the death jab and the people of this planet are not going to be happy as they continue to realize the truth. These monsters are all playing for keeps because they know what happened to the perps after the first Nuremberg and the death tolls from their COVID experiments are likely to rival or exceed WWII. This means that I would not be at all surprised to see the globalists/WEF monsters support war to distract from what they did.

Ukraine may have started as a fake war meant to cover up money laundering, facilitate experimentation with the post great-reset world, and hide the bioweapon development related to COVID but it has spiraled. Further, it is becoming more clear every day that any “cooperation” from the CCP was really positioning to prepare to take the position of “the” global superpower whether peacefully or otherwise.

So what do we do? Continue to fight back and wake up more free people. The only thing tyrants fear is the people but they fear the people more than anything. Tyrants use the illusion of power to convince the people they fear that they are ultimately in control but the reality is that the people can always retake control if they are willing to resist. The more entrenched the tyranny the greater the cost of resistance so we need to get in this fight sooner rather than later. The wannabe tyrants of the WEF and CCP are continuing to gain strength and our best hope to avoid war is to wake enough people to demand that war be avoided and freedom returned to the people. We then must demand accountability for those that have pushed us to the brink of a global catastrophe the likes of which has never before occurred.

I believe we the people WILL in fact wake up and am doing all I can to facilitate it. What will you do?


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