Mentor School Board Has Chosen the Wrong Path

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Mentor School Board Meeting Held March 14, 2023

It was standing room only at the Mentor School Board meeting last night at the Paradigm building. The issue causing the intense community interest was the following proposed resolution by Mr. Tom Tuttle and Ms. Annie Payne.

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Here are two videos created by LFC with citizens expressing their opinions for and against the proposed resolution.

Citizens supporting the resolution and the protection of girls and parental rights.
Mentor parents that do not support the resolution and parental rights.
This is the video of the entire meeting held at the Paradigm Building on March 14, 2023.

The resolution was defeated 3 -2.


LFC Editorial Opinion:

We would estimate that there was a 70% / 30% split in the audience with the majority favoring the proposed resolution. In our opinion, there are a few options available for parents and taxpayers:

  1. Remove the child from the school and either home school or transfer to a private school.
  2. Transfer the child to another public school during the Open Enrollment period. Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Education website on Open Enrollment:
  3. Replace the super liberal board member in the November election.
  4. Do not vote for ANY more school levies.

The school district is currently deficit spending (their expenditures are in excess of their revenues), and the failure of future levies will require them to drastically cut their expenses. Perhaps it is the message they need to see that they are on the path of destruction. They are focusing on “social justice” issues rather than academics. Superintendent Craig Heath will have the legacy of destroying what was once one of the best public schools in Ohio.

GO WOKE and you will GO BROKE!


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