Quail Hollow Hotel…what’s up?

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

We are following up on questions we received from Concord Township residents about the current status of the Quail Hollow Hotel. Here is what Mr. Andy Rose, Concord’s Administrator, told us:

“The Quail Hollow Hotel is currently shut down.  They do not have a certified fire alarm system at the location.  In addition, there have been some structural issues identified by both Fire Prevention and the Lake County Building Department.”

“The hotel is owned by an international investment group, managed by an out of town management company.  Communication has been elusive and with the known issues, reopening seems unlikely.”


Andy Rose
Concord Township
7229 Ravenna Road
Concord Twp, OH 44077


We will continue to ask questions about what happens if this facility becomes blighted and has a detrimental effect on the community?



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