HB 73 Patient and Health Provider Protection Act

HB 73 Announcement

“The Dave and Angie Patient and Health Provider Protection Act”

Over the past three years OAMF has received countless messages and phone calls from desperate citizens trying to access medication to treat themselves or family members both in the hospital and at home. Many were denied the opportunity to try drugs that were already deemed safe by the FDA because those drugs had been politicized.

Healthcare providers and pharmacists were afraid they would be threatened or have action taken against their license simply for trying to provide care they thought was best for their patients.

Physicians were threatened when their medical opinions differed from that of state health or medical boards.

Patients were denied nutrition or access to their standard medications if they refused certain hospital protocol treatments.

These things should not be happening in the freest nation on earth, and we will never again let that happen in the great state of Ohio!

HB 73 brings justice to those who needlessly died and it protects future access to health providers allowing them to prescribe the treatments their patients need!


Help Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom… These efforts are not possible without the generous support of patriots like you, please consider donating: http://OhioAMF.org/Donate/


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