What is going on at Lakeland Community College?

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

We received a tip that the Lake County Commissioners have agreed to spend $75,000 per year with the Lakeland Community College for “workplace development”. Other sources stated that nothing has been decided, and this program is just in the early discussion stage. Also stated was this is merely Commissioner Rich Regovich following through on what he promised during his campaign when he was running for Commissioner. We have reached out to Commissioner Regovich for comments, but he has not responded to our questions.

This topic has never been discussed at the Commissioners’ Meeting, but a concerned citizen told us what was stated at the last Lakeland Community College board meeting by Ms. Amy Sabath, Director of Non-Profit and Public Service.

“According to Ms. Sabbath’s presentation to the Board, a new 501(c) organization, the Lakeland Institute will be created to allow Lakeland to partner with other local nonprofits and provide courses, seminars and other training specifically for nonprofit administration and fundraising. The Commissioners have tentatively agreed to provide $75,000 per year for the next three years for this purpose.”

Concerned citizen

We will continue to pull back the curtain on this program, and will ask questions at the next Commissioners’ meeting.

Stay tuned….


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