Do Not Compromise on Drag Queens & Pornographic Books in Schools

By Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

There is a disturbing trend with a segment of our population accepting the SEXUAL grooming of children in public schools. This is the “line in the sand” for this writer. We will soon reveal our plans to hold local prosecutors and school districts accountable for violating the Ohio Revised Code by pandering obscenity to minors. The article below mentions the book “Gender Queer”. Here is the cover and three pages from the book that has appeared in Ohio schools.


Thanks to a Geauga lobbyist for sending me this article about events in Florida schools.


Front-Line Testimony: Parents Battle Drag in Schools

Angela Rodriguez, IFA Contributing Writer | April 25, 2023

Excerpts from the article:

The battle is fierce, and the stakes are high. Our kids’ identities and lives are the target. If we sit out this fight and do not get involved, we are allowing the Enemy to tempt our kids with the forbidden fruit — in this case, a donut. The Serpent used convincing words to persuade Eve to eat and then share what God had already declared was prohibited. This led to the Fall. The trickery being used right now is that drag shows are “kind,” “loving,” and help those who are “different” to be accepted. But this is a path that leads to enmity with God, rather than love

The promotion of sexual content in the schools has become a clear battleground that has drawn the attention of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which bans classroom instruction about sexual orientation or gender identity, from kindergarten through third grade. Also, in April the Florida Senate passed a bill (SB 1438) aimed at blocking children from attending drag shows. In a recent press conference titled Exposing the Book Ban Hoax, DeSantis revealed the graphic pornographic content of books found in Florida schools, such as Flamer, This Book is Gay; Gender Queer; and Let’s Talk About It. These books’ content include such subjects as masturbation, how to engage in sex acts, “the ins and outs of gay sex,” and even how to hook up on online apps. The content is so explicit that the live stream from news stations covering the press conference was cut off on social media.

While opponents of removing sexually explicit books decry censorship, DeSantis emphasized: “Every minute you spend focusing on some of this pornographic stuff, that’s less time you’re spending on doing the things that really matter to our kids in terms of them getting the education they need.”




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